With the ability to transform a vacant bit of land into a beautiful outdoor oasis, professional landscapers are a crucial part of the home improvement industry. A competent landscaping company should be able to help you with both soft landscaping and hard landscaping. Some companies also employ their own landscape designers. Landscapers can help you with things like pools, paving, pergolas, irrigation and of course gardens.

Landscapers Should Be Versatile

The best landscapers are those who are versatile and able to adapt to every new challenge. Every landscaping job is different, and a decent landscaper should therefore be able to change their approach according to the individual requirements of every piece of work that they do.

This means that it’s very important to think carefully when you’re choosing a landscaper to work on your outdoor spaces. Make sure that you speak with a range of different landscapers in your local area, and go with a company that is friendly, open to suggestions and who makes time to listen to your concerns.

Landscapers Are Skilled

Some people view landscapers as glorified gardeners. However, this absolutely isn’t the case. Landscapers have to be skilled in a wide range of different jobs, and most have some sort of training and qualifications behind them. Some of the things that a professional landscaper has to be able to do include:

Swimming pool installation and maintenance – Many landscapers specialise in crafting new outdoor spaces around swimming pools and pool infrastructure, especially in Australia’s warmer cities. Installing a pool takes a lot of knowledge and experience, and the best landscapers will be able to create a custom pool area that you and your family can enjoy for years.

Garden design and construction – The core of the landscaping business is garden design and construction. Many landscapers employ dedicated in-house designers, while others will work closely with you to make sure that you’re getting the garden of your dreams.

Paving – The paving of things like paths and patios is a core part of landscaping, and most landscapers will be skilled pavers.

Patio and decking construction – A lot of people are including outdoor living areas in their landscape design, which means that many landscapers are now skilled in patio and outdoor decking construction and installation.

These are just a few of the most common things that landscapers do. They also build retaining walls, craft water features and ponds, install outdoor spas or jacuzzis and much, much more. Contact your local landscaper to find out how they can help you!