Although Canberra is known as one of Australia’s coldest cities – probably second only behind Hobart – a swimming pool can still make a great addition to your backyard. A lot of people design their garden around a pool, which can become a great centerpiece to your outdoor entertaining areas. When done well, a custom designed swimming pool looks great, is relatively low maintenance and provides a great area to relax during the hot summer months.

Getting a new custom designed pool installed in your Canberra backyard is hard. There are numerous steps involved, and the entire process can become tiresome if not done right. First, you want to find an experienced swimming pool designer. Landscape designers will usually be able to craft a plan for your new custom pool, but there are plenty of dedicated pool designers out there. Once you have your design blueprint, you need to get your pool installed. Often, the designer will work hand in hand with your landscaper or pool installation specialist to make sure that you don’t run into any problems.

To help you choose the perfect swimming pool design and installation team for your new pool in Canberra, we’ve put together the following list of businesses who specialise in the various aspects of swimming pool construction.

Capital Country Pools
52 Hoskins Street,
Mitchell, ACT 2911
Tel: (02) 6253 9633

Mediterranean Pools
39 Kennedy St,
Kingston, ACT 2604
Tel: (02) 6297 6863