Landscaping is becoming a very in-demand skill in fast growing Australian cities like Melbourne. Experienced landscapers have the ability to transform a mediocre, boring outdoor space and turn it into something magical. In most cases they will be able to go above and beyond anything you could do on your own, allowing you to achieve your outdoor design goals and craft your dream garden.

However, the high demand for landscaping professionals in Melbourne can make it hard to choose a reputable company with the skills and experience necessary to do the things that you want them to. When choosing a landscaping company to use, you need to think about the skills you need them to have. Different landscapers specialise in different things – some specialise in things like large-scale garden design, while others are better suited to compact, inner city landscaping.

We understand how hard it can be to choose a landscaper in Melbourne, which is one of the many reasons why we have put together the following list. On this list you will find a range of landscaping experts, including both residential and commercial landscapers. You will also find companies who can undertake the entire landscaping process from design to actual landscaping to ongoing garden maintenance.

Normark Landscapes
15 Lambeck Drive,
Tullamarine, VIC 3043
Tel: (03) 9334 2212

Ian Barker Gardens
216 Canterbury Rd,
Canterbury VIC 3126
Tel: (03) 9836 3130