Anyone who has employed a so-called fencing ‘expert’, only to find that they were paying someone without the skills or experience to do the job properly will know how important it is to use professional fencing contractors. Finding a professional fencing expert in or around Adelaide isn’t as simple as searching the internet for something like ‘fencing expert in Adelaide’. Unfortunately, a search like this won’t help you differentiate between the best and the worst fencing businesses.

This is why we’ve put together the following list of fencing professionals. All of the following businesses operate in or close to Adelaide, and they all have a strong reputation for fencing excellence. Within the list you will find landscaping companies with strong fencing skills, designers who can help you put together a fence that matches the rest of your garden and dedicated fencing companies who specialise in a range of different fence installation and maintenance services.

Make sure that you choose carefully when you’re looking for a fencing professional in Adelaide. Speak to a number of the experts below, narrow your list down to the friendliest and most skilled and pick based on both your long-term goals and your budget.

Adelaide Fence Centre
2-6 William Street,
Beverley, SA 5009
Tel: (02) 8243 4300

Broadview Fencing
32 Millers Road,
Wingfield, SA 5013
Tel: (08) 8445 9422