Swimming Pool Builders

Swimming Pools

A new swimming pool can add a lot of value and aesthetic appeal to your home and outdoor areas, especially if you live in one of Australia’s warmer cities – think Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin. There are two main types of new swimming pool, and both usually require some sort of input from a landscaper or swimming pool installation specialist.

Prefabricated Pools

Prefabricated pools are almost always the cheaper and easier option when it comes to installing a new swimming pool. They usually come in the form of a fibreglass or concrete shell which can simply be dropped into the ground – after an appropriate sized hole has been dug of course. If you decide to go with a prefabricated pool, the swimming pool company that you use should be able to guide you through the full installation process.

Custom Made Pools

The alternative to a prefabricated swimming pool is a custom designed pool. As you can imagine, custom designed swimming pools can be built according to the shape, size and style of your outdoor area. Often, custom made pools are designed to complement other features of your outdoor areas, and they often include things like garden beds or play areas for children.

Most custom made swimming pools are built using high quality, steel reinforced concrete to ensure strength and durability. They are often finished with some sort of cladding or stone finish, especially when they are built above ground.

Custom Pool Design

It’s important to speak with a professional landscaper and swimming pool design specialist if you’re thinking about installing a new swimming pool in your backyard. Custom pool design is difficult, and requires a complete knowledge of both general landscaping and the pool construction process.

Make sure that you pick carefully when choosing someone to design your pool. Look for a design team with a strong reputation for excellence, proven experience and a friendly attitude. Where possible, try and work with a designer who can design a pool area that complements and adds to your current outdoor space.

Swimming Pools Done Right

Swimming pools are just one component of your outdoor space. It’s important to make sure that you think about the general layout of your whole yard when designing a new swimming pool, otherwise it may look awkward and out of place.

Many landscaping professionals offer custom pool design and installation services. It’s worth streamlining the entire process – from design to installation to general landscaping around your pool area – by using a landscaping company with the skills and necessary licences to do everything you need them to.