SEO For Landscapers – What Is It & Why Is It Important?

SEO For Landscapers

As a small business owner, building a strong online presence is crucial if you want to grow your business and gain long term success. When it comes to building a presence online for your landscaping business, you need to make sure that you have a well designed, attractive website which showcases both your skills and your past work.

However, just having a decent website isn’t enough anymore. People need to be able to find your site, otherwise there’s absolutely no point having one! This is where search engine optimisation – SEO – comes into play.

What Is SEO?

As a landscaper, you might never have heard of SEO before. Don’t worry, it isn’t too hard. Basically, search engines like Google rank different websites based on a huge range of factors, including keyword use and the quality of their content.

If you want your website to rank well – and to therefore appear high on the search engine results pages for relevant keywords – then you need to perform some sort of SEO. There are a range of different SEO factors that you can manipulate, which we will look at shortly.

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Should I Use Google AdWords For My Landscaping Company?

SEO For Landscapers

Digital marketing encompasses a range of more specific marketing techniques. Your landscaping business probably already uses things like social media marketing, email marketing and search engine optimisation – even if you’re not aware of it. But are you using AdWords? If you’re not, should you be?

Google AdWords is one of the most popular pay per click (PPC) marketing platforms on the internet. It involves the printing of advertisements as the top and the bottom of the search engine results pages for pre-specified keywords. As a business owner, you only pay when your ad leads to conversion – that is, when someone clicks on it and visits your website. However, not everyone who visits your website is going to spend money or employ you, which means that AdWords can quickly drain your marketing budget without yielding any major results.

Why should I consider using Google AdWords?

Although Google AdWords can be risky and can drain your marketing budget when it’s not used right, it also has the potential to nete you a lot of new clients. When used right, AdWords will present your business website at the top of the search engine results pages. Your business will gain more exposure, will become recognised by more people and may even gain clients.

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What Are Backlinks & Why Should I Be Creating Them?

SEO For Landscapers

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of a complete digital strategy. If you own a website for your landscaping or landscape design business, you need to make sure that it is SEO optimised so that people can find it. There are a range of different ranking factors that need to be taken into account when you’re optimising your site for search engines, but there are a few which stand out above the rest in terms of important.

Creating a high quality backlink profile is one of these. A lot of modern digital marketers and SEO experts will argue that having a decent backlink profile is the single most important SEO ranking factor, which suggests that it’s something you should be spending a bit of time on.

But what are backlinks?

Basically, a backlink is any link from an external source that directs people back to your website. The theory behind backlinks is that they’re hard to fake and that they’re a relatively good indicator of the quality and accuracy of your site.

It is thought that if more people are linking back to your website, then you must have some decent content or high quality services to offer. The higher the authority of the websites that are linking back to your content, the better your backlink score will be. Putting all this together, you need to be trying to get more backlinks from higher authority website that are relevant to your own (in this case, from websites in the landscaping or landscape design niche).

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